7 Day Challenge – Make Money Online with No Skills, No Website

7 Day Challenge – Make Money Online with No Skills, No Website
  1. You are a good person helping others earn money in these difficult times! Your concept is great: online business provider as an intermediary, thank you.

    1. It’s our goal it’s to help people, hope you liked this challenge, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends

  2. Thank you for this challenge I have a question, by what means of payment we can ask to be paid? Classic bank transfer? PayPal? Strip? Thank you for your answers 🙏🏼🙌🏼

  3. Thank you very much Alan, it’s very generous of you. With only one idea you give me $1000!!

  4. Excellent article I immediately took action, and I have a small question, when you go to the contact tab of a site you cannot send a photo / image so no screen can you then send the test link specifying “as you can see on the test” instead of on the image?

    1. Thank you for your return 😉 To answer you: Do not send the test link, because already just sending a link in a first cold email (i.e. first contact with the recipient) can bring down your message in the wrong folder. Well, here’s my advice: You just send a message like: “Hello, I want to visit your site, but I have a problem accessing it. Could you please help me?” In principle they should answer you if they care at least about their potential customers. Once they answer you, they will surely ask you what problem? You’re going to pull out the heavy artillery: “Hello, thank you for your answer, in fact I think I understood, as I couldn’t access your site and being a developer I took care to analyze your site… . (and there you take out the image directly and the rest of the email that I indicated in the article) 😉 It should be not bad like that 🙂

  5. Probably the most complicated point in all business, Prospecting even if you did a good job. You still have to coal for a sale at least 500 contacts per day and about ten calls to close the deal, to your emails and your phones, it’s going to smoke, It’s a very good business to do with a lot of professionalism and of rigor, you must be able to type the $6000 per month.

    1. Yes you are right, according to my experience, it is the best online business to start your adventure on the internet, there are people who earn +10k per day, it’s incredible.

  6. Thank you very much, it’s true that I’m not absolutely in need but it’s still cool to make some money. Very useful the challenge, you convinced me to do my “business”.

    1. Great, happy if it inspired you, so I wish you all the success if you set up your business 🙂🔥🚀

  7. Hello, I have a question, when we do the test with PageSpeed Insights there are two possibilities Desktop and Mobile which one to choose, the two results differ. Thank you Best regards

    1. This is only an example, you can work on both tools, the most important thing is to find clients

      1. Oh thank you very much for this very complete answer I understand much better. 🙂

  8. Hello thank you very much for this challenge, I was wondering how to “deliver the work” because the developer just needs the link of the site to improve the modifications are therefore in “real time”, how to be sure that the client will pay all of the requested amount?

    1. Thank you 😊 To deliver the work, if you go through a fiverr.com developer, he will ask you either to create an access to him on wordpress, or he will directly ask for wordpress identifiers. Even better in these cases: You contact one, you tell him that soon you will have sites to optimize quickly, so what information do you need to provide him so that he can do the work? He will tell you: I will need if or that at the time of the order… You, as an intermediary, when you have a customer who is ok, you can directly ask him what is needed to carry out the work 😉 Ah to be sure, here’s the rule: as long as he hasn’t paid you the sum, no start of work on your side. The client must pay you before starting the service 👍

  9. Hi Alan,
    Thank you for your challenge which I have just discovered it at the moment.
    It’s crazy it’s super late but it’s thanks to the confinement that I discover it.
    Starting tomorrow I’m going to review it by being more receptive and clicking on the blue thumb 😋.
    Hi ✌

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment 🙂 Ahhh but it’s great, and as they say better late than never 🤗 In any case this technique is not ready to be “dead” because every day new sites are created, and many are not optimized. I wish you good luck if you test this 😉🔥🚀🙏

  10. Hello. not bad this trick;) But I imagine that if we want to do it ourselves, the client must give us his FTP and site access codes in general? Me personally I will not pass them a guy who approaches me by Google that I do not know !!!

    1. Hello. Here we are in a professional setting, they will not give you their own codes, but must create access for you with codes assigned to you.

  11. It’s a very interesting business…especially for a developer like me. I will share this trick with my friends… Thank you very much for sharing Alan

  12. Hello Alan, you are a genius creator of the idea of profitability. Great

  13. With respect to payment, is it the customer who pays first or the customer pays after improving the site?
    Have a good day

    1. Do as it suits you 😉 But as a general rule it is better to ask for payment beforehand so as not to have to chase after a client when the service is performed, and he has not yet paid.

  14. Hello Alan, I really love your challenge, I wanted to know how you send the email to the person (customer) to explain the causes of the slowdown of his website if you don’t know his email?

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment 😉 if you don’t have his email there is probably a contact form. You send them a first message just telling them that you have a problem accessing their site. Then, when they have answered and you have their email you can send them screenshots 😉

  15. If I had one thing to say to you it would be to go there with your eyes closed,
    I made over $350 in one day, over $750 in one week. It’s really madness!
    Thank you very much Alan

  16. Hello,
    Super your challenge Alan continues I just love it, I sent 20 emails in 2 days but only 2 companies answered me but without follow-up I don’t know what to do if I have to redo a better argued text.
    I do not really know …

    1. Hello Adrian, thank you for your comment 😉 Congratulations on taking action 👏 Yes, you have to refine as you go, and don’t hesitate to relaunch the two companies. Good luck to you 🔥🚀

    1. You contact as many as you want 😉 The formula is simple: the more you contact, the more you increase your chance of getting answers and converting.

  17. Good evening. I liked this challenge… I am interested… But in my country PayPal does not work in my country.. Thank you is there any other solution

    1. Hi Leon 🙂 Check out which payment solutions are available in your country. Afterwards, if you talk about the customer’s payment to you, you charge with the solution you want

  18. Hello, thank you, I’m very happy to win my first $300 on the internet I contacted 5 sites, boom 💥, the same evening a call and a contract at $300, thank you

  19. Wow great challenge, I’m currently doing this method however I’m not as successful, only making 2 sales a month . You definitely motivate me to keep going and not give up

  20. As always you crushing it bro!!!!! I love these challenges but you make them better
    my respect

  21. Thank you very much for your challenge, I have already earned money thanks to this model but I have never used Toolslite, really you are right, this site has saved me several hours of work 🙂🔥🚀

  22. Thank you very much for this challenge, 🙏 Simple, clear, effective 💪 Congratulations and thank you for the richness of the content! I love these tips 😍😍😍

  23. I followed this strategy. In 3 days, I’ve received 6 sales and it’s been keeping me busy. If you’ve been wanting to find ways to generate an income, not require any startup capital or skills at all.

  24. Very happy. It’s very clear and simple to follow. I can’t even believe I made my 1st sale on the 2nd day with toolslite!!! And I’m constantly active and earning $$$ ever since! Thanks a lot ! I highly recommend taking action

  25. Yes I made my first sales on the 7th day, it really works and I can’t believe my eyes. Just trust yourself and take action.
    Now I’m so excited now! I will repeat his steps and get more sales!
    Thanks again 🙏🏻

  26. Hi ,
    I tried a lot of strategies, but I know something is wrong….I didn’t get great results.
    With this method I was able to have my first dollar on the internet, thank you very much, it is a concrete strategy with immediate results.

  27. Frankly, I’m so happy to have come across this challenge… Thank you for everything

  28. I wish I could give a thousand thumbs up to this awesome challenge, keep it up so I’m very interested in selling services online 👍

  29. Thank you soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh. This solves lot’s of problems.

  30. Hey man.. This challenge..people pay $1000 for this kind of challenge you did for free

  31. Very well said, every business model is good but you just need to put your heart and passion into it.

  32. This is real… helped me to decide what to do next.. Keep it up thank you

  33. Think for 5 years later, everybody will be doing dropshipping and it will be hard to be successful in it, however, dropserving will be the number one business of life

  34. Toolslite was worth a fortune to my business. Toolslite was worth a fortune to my business. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

  35. Thank you very much for your content, I was amazed at the quality of toolslite. Toolslite is worth much more than I paid. The best on the net! Not able to tell you how happy I am with toolslite.

  36. I don’t wanna be a millionaire with drop shipping, i just want 5k a month and live a good life with my parents and my gf and someday I will achieve that goal.

  37. Drop servicing is only business model that have worked for me greatly and im going towards my goal. Financial freedom 🙂

  38. Yeah, quick and easy money, that’s what everyone is looking for. Just as you I’m working in that field (digital marketing / marketing in general) for over 20 years now and I 100% agree with you, you can make good money but it is NOT easy! The biggest problem is not finding somewone who does the job, it’s finding someone who is paying for it… not once but continuously. So what you want are several good contractors, preferably with a multi-year contract to guarantee your income. Because you need to pay taxes, insurance and, of course youe workers and here’s the next problem, you need to fulfill your contract and deliver quality, no matter how, so working with just freelancers could result in inconsistent availability of manpower and / or inconsistent quality and THAT is how you lose customers. So the moment you set foot in this business it’s a decision: stay small and deliver B-grade for cheap but with a chance to get some extra money or are you willing to make this your main income, in that case you’ll find yourself sooner than later hiring full time workers so you can maintain the quality and flexibility.

  39. For an example that you mentioned (facebook marketing) it is true, but the most of skills didn’t worth thousands of dollars, so it is posible to sell someone’s other servise for the doubled price. Example: 70$ for 100$

  40. Alan is totally correct..i made mention on another thread..i’ve tried drop servicing ONE TIME…i literally was testing this challenge.. i made 700$ gross 450$ net..and as mentioned i had no experience so i could have net more. it works in 2022..you just need to be smart and know your stuff.

  41. My dream is to become so rich that i will make 1000 a month with drop servicing, i will do anything for that and spend 10 hours daily studying e-commerce and ways to one day make that much money

  42. Do I need to have a business Gmail account and a domain for sending cold emails to start drop servicing?

  43. What do I say when they ask for my Legal Business name? Do I just make one up?

    1. I’ve never had that question before but if you mean for invoicing, you just need to follow your locations regulations.

  44. The Drop Servicing has been a game changer for me. This challenge through has entirely helped my life flipped from $0/month to 30K+/month.

  45. Awesome content and highly valuable challenge 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Hey. Would you recommend drop-servicing in 2022? I really wanna do well in this business because I love it.

    1. Hey Calum. Yes I would definitely recommend it as there are tons of businesses right now who need help

  47. Hey in order to do the monthly drop servicing do you need to be a curtain age (I’m 17 y/o) and do you need to have a contract with the Business owner

    1. You can be under 18 to do this business. And you will probably want a contract if you are on a monthly retainer.

  48. Value 🔥 Dropshipping blew up so much that there’s a whole new industry servicing the dropshippers. The best time to start drop servicing is now 🙂 Thanks Biaheza

  49. I make 6 figures a year doing this on Instagram. Live in a small town in New Zealand and only 19. Awesome business model! Its how many huge companies work

  50. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot, I highly recommend to use this method, earn 100% money with an investment of $2 on Toolslite

  51. Thanks for this challenge Alan. Do a $0-1,000 challenge. Cheers

  52. This looks like a great idea, thanks for the different ways you teach

  53. Bro your literally an inspiration to me I’m 17 from the UK and this challenge help me greatly

  54. Finally a side hustle content of this kind from someone i trust 😪

  55. Also i like the strategy but youtube hides the emails after like 10 people which is sad

  56. hi! I’m going to use this strategy but when client will ask me about my work what should I show him??

    1. You can start working for free using toolslite to collect several positive reviews on Linkedin

  57. Thank you bro i started this ideas with building website tool charging 100 dollars

  58. Complete content, really thank you very much Alan this challenge, I hope that I achieve my financial freedom

  59. This guy really motivates me to start freelancing. Alan really deserves more. This challenge are very simple + Very clear. Bro once my exams are finished I’ll try all of this.

  60. God bless you and your family sir! Thank you so much for this amazing strategy and keep up this great work you do!

  61. I hope everyone who needs to start making his first money online can succeed with this challenge 👍

  62. Hopefully after seeing this challenge I’ll be able to earn 500$ in 7 days🙏thanks Sir👍.

  63. Great content. …. On the way starting my way to the success with you !

  64. Thank you Soo much sir. I learned many new things today from your content. And starting the 7 Day Challenge from Today itself 💯. Once again thank you so much sir 🙏

  65. Thank you for this amazing content. I will be starting it from today.
    Let’s see the progress in the next 7 days. I am positive about this challenge.

  66. Thank you Alan. This content is very powerful & helpful. I am going to apply this strategy🎯.

  67. A big Thank you
    You are really help alot of people to change their lives.

  68. Love these types of challenges! Really inspirational to see the hustle from nothing

  69. Everyone reading this, keep grinding and NEVER quit. Hang in there, YOU can do it! 🙂

  70. Thanks Alan! Unfortunately 90% of people will not be patient enough to follow this process because of the “we need money now mentality”

  71. You’re right, several freelancers on Fiverr have made money with this strategy, thank you very much for sharing the toolslite site with us, it really deserves to be tested.

  72. Awesome Content! Truly inspiring!I started fiverr about 2 months ago, after about a month (28 days to be exact) i got my first sale and ever since then i get sales every other day i easily make 100 a week. Im honestly so happy i found the website.

  73. 1. Establish your skills
    2. Duplicate your gigs
    3. Professional looking video
    4. Model after your competition
    5. Complete your profile
    6. Focus on building credibility
    7. Respond fast
    8. Be patient

  74. I made my first $500.
    HERES A TIP: Focus on ONE gig that is succeeding the most. Also, accept orders that pay at least $50.

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